5 paragraph essay video game violence

This is definitely backed up by their non violent behaviour. More importantly, easier access to firearms in several countries can lead to violent thoughts and behaviors.

Several studies have been conducted to investigate the relationship between such games and violent behaviour in children. In playing the games, kids are likely to become desensitized to gory images, which could make them less disturbing and perhaps easier to deal with in real life.

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They have begun to demand that the government regulate the sale of these games to protect childern. The video game phenomenon is somewhat new in this modern society.

Although they often are entertaining, the contents have become more violent and disturbing as computing technology has advanced. However, considering the nature of such games, they should not be allowed for teens to play. It has also been observed that violence displayed on television such as in action movies or news has more chances of leading to violence in children that the violent games.

Stop Blaming Video Games! - My Personal Argumentative Essay

Looking past the violent contents, video games have several positive aspects. I liked it and its a decent paper. Furthermore, the forceful plan by the government is a reaction to an exaggeration of the effects of violent video games and these worries are unfounded.

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There is also an observation regarding these games and their players where children who are naturally aggressive prefer playing this type of games to others. This game focuses on eliminating the other team so teamwork has a major role in succeeding in the game. These games are so many and so addictive that when a child is not controlled, he can spend all his time playing the games.

For example, children who learn how to play chess at a tender age usually show signs of high levels of intellect. Many of the most popular video games today have either a multiplayer or online mode. They can attack something, they can kick a wall, they can be mean to a dog or a pet. Friendships can be developed through playing video games and ultimately keep friendships away from drug use and violent activities.

The game a child plays can be a good or a bad thing in his life. The effects of violent video games are as varied as the number of the games.

Why Teens Should Not Be Allowed to Play Violent Video Games

See your grade before Free Expert Help Moreover, violent games directly reward violent behavior; many modern games do not simply make make players kill virtual reality characters of other players online, but also grant them with scores experience or points for successful acts of violence.

Internet impact on popular music Violent Video Games Video games always provide a great pass time activity for children. In general, video game is an astonishing tool to keep children entertained during leisure time.

I think that the responsibility lies within the parent and not the government. Moreover, the child could sacrifice development of his talent such as attending a music class just for the purpose of playing a violent game.

Having youth play these video games are dangerous, as teenagers and children usually take a first person role in the killing process, and even get rewarded or praised for doing so. They can plant an explosive on the door, use a fast rope from the rooftop or simply breach into several doors to create a surprise assault.

The player acts as the leader of an elite anti-terrorist squad consisting of members. When interviewed, some kids who play this type of games say that they are not negatively affected by the games. Parents and experts feel that some games are just too violent. Consequently, his performance at school definitely deteriorates.

The obtained results show that the negative effects of such games are quite minimal.- The Violence of Video Games and the Effect It Have On Society In today world video games have come along way since the birth of game consoles, with such games as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and Frogger.

Not only have the graphics done a complete three hundred and sixty degrees turn but the violence has also on video games. Modern children and teenagers prefer calmer forms of entertainment, such as watching television, or in a large degree, playing video games.

Although video games can contribute to a child’s development, many of them, unfortunately, are extremely violent. "Recent content analyses of video games show that as many as 89% of games contain some violent content, 12 and about 50% of the games include serious violent actions toward other game characters." (Carnagey, A.

). - The first violent video game invented was during the ’s (Anderson & Bushman, ), since then, the degree of violence present in a video game has significantly increased.

Today, the graphics, sounds, characters in video games have become more realistic than before any of the past years. Because of violent video games, graphic music and movies, and increased pressure from peers and the media, being a parent today is much more difficult than it was a generation ago.

Introductory Paragraph Microsoft Word - Develop a Five Paragraph Essay Fall 08 Author. Violence in video games is not cause of violence in adolescents; this is a rumor or myth made by people looking for an excuse or a solution to why things happen.

With the level of violence in video games increasing, adults have been linking the acts of violence contained in video games with violent acts that have been committed by children.

5 paragraph essay video game violence
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