A description of my first day in kindergarten

This center is usually the center where teachers like to have parent volunteers assist! She slowly walked away looking back a few times to check if I started to mingle with the other kids.

Although some of the kids were crying and pounding on the floor, I noticed some parents starting to leave. And make sure all these displays are worth your wall space. I simply broke it up at lunch so I had my am bracelet and pm bracelet. My mother looked at me and reassured that everything would be fine and gave me a peck on the cheek.

All children start with drawing pictures, adding initial sounds for words represented in their drawings, moving to words and sentences over the course of the year. Everyone said that Anita played very well. Then, I leave lots of room for student art and creations… because it is THEIR classroom and they should have space to show off what they make and learn through.

It comes down to that we are here at school to learn and so every choice we make needs to work towards that and there are consequences for making choices that prevent that in ourselves or others.

Not only do these centers help children develop their reading and writing skills, they help them become more independent over the course of the year. Anita said bye to her friends before she climbed on the bus.

I even feared the teachers for some odd reason. The bus stopped at the corner. Because I have a TA in the am. We just did the "my favorite food" on Friday and I was amazed at some of their illustrations: It was all so new and unknown to me at the time.

There are no times listed since I have no idea how long any of these items will take me with the new group of kinders, but I try to use my general sense of kindergarten time-space continuum to plan smart. I do not have her in the afternoons. Preparing for Kindergarten- Classroom Set Up June 13, You guys have asked… so I am going to answer… A lot of new to K teachers have been emailing me to ask basic questions about K.

Children also practice their early reading skills by having time each day to read. Anita and a few students played a game of football.

If you love small groups, you have to make sure you know how many kids will be your groups so your tables can hold that many kids.

First Day of School FREE Printable

She was very excited for the classroom activities. On my 20 minute early arrival I remember I was hesitant and overwhelmed with the amount of kids. The teacher settled down Anita and her friends in the airy and bright classroom. I remember I had the first day jitters.

If you know you will be using Daily 5- you need to plan ahead for places for book boxes and a large classroom library. What other classroom setup tips can you think of to help out these new K teachers? This is a treasure!! There are 26 alphabets. Anita also picked up a nice story book.

I schedule it regularly for the first two weeks of kindergarten. I can plan in an extra recess into these first few days and it is a great morning break.

My First Day At School - Story

Kids were excited to see the school as they stepped out of the bus. Plan a Flexible Ending to the Day Mrs.My First Day of School. 3 Pages Words August I remember I had the first day jitters. It was all so new and unknown to me at the time. I feared that I would have no friends.

My writing started here in kindergarten. I remember my teacher taught me how to write my name with endless sheets of repetitive work. From upper case. I use a lesson plan bracelet to keep my plans directly in front of me so that I never have to leave my kinders to see what the next three things are I want to cover on this kindergarten first day of school.

A description of each aspect of the kindergarten day is described in more detail. Morning Gathering/Morning Meeting Songs, stories, calendar, large group instruction, and signing in are all a part of Morning Gathering.

My First day in Kindergarte essaysIt was my first day in kindergarten. I didn't understand why I had to come to this place away from my home where my mommy and daddy never left me alone.

My mom drove me to this building and took me inside and left me with a lady I had never seen before in my. Product Description. Fun and engaging activities for the first five days of kindergarten! This back to school pack includes detailed lesson plans, morning meeting activities, classroom management tools, printable hats, and MORE for back to school!

Daily Hat or Bracelet: My First Day of Kindergarten Write the Room: Find and Color Animals Day 24/5(65). Description. My First Day At School. Anita went to bed dreaming of the adventures that would take place the next morning. It would be her first day of school.

A description of my first day in kindergarten
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