Alice stebbins wells the first american

Requests from Elsewhere Because Alice Stebbins Wells advocated publicly for the need for women on police forces, her office received many inquiries. By39 policewomen were employed by this Department.

She was intrigued by religion and wanted to learn more about the philosophy behind it.

Alice Stebbins Wells

Wells was active in many other causes. Wells was assigned to work with Officer Leo W. Her funeral was well attended by all the senior officers in the police department. She had the power to arrest, but her duties were limited to child labor law violations. She began her mission to protect and serve in when she was sworn in as an officer and given the first ever police woman badge.

Alice Wells

Munson, and Chloe I. The city council had little choice but to enact the law, which went into effect in Her final position with the department was as curator of the Los Angeles Police Department, a job she took in During this time, she filled in for vacationing pastors at churches in and around Maine, becoming the first woman preacher in that state.

She was among the first, but others preceded her. That or a few well-chosen jiu-jitsu tricks will help women when sneak thieves arrive or burglars invade the home. They had three children. Inshe was the subject of a biographical film entitled The Policewoman. At the time, women were mainly employed in law enforcement as matrons in institutions for women and juveniles.

These specially appointed aerial officers joined a previously all-male squadron of commercial and highly trained amateur pilots who were summoned to duty in situations requiring expert flyers.

Ten other policewomen in full dress uniform served as the Honor Guard. She was not issued a gun or a baton. She also wore a badge. Early career[ edit ] Alice was a graduate of Oberlin College and Hartford Theological Seminarywhere a study she conducted concluded there was a large need for woman officers.

Wells succeeded in persuading the University of California, Southern Division now UCLA to offer the first course specifically on the work of women police officers. Her casket was accompanied by a woman honor guard—something that would have made Alice Wells proud.Alice Stebbins Wells () was the first policewoman in the United States with the power to arrest.

Spreading the Word About Policewomen Being appointed as the first policewoman with arrest. Alice G.

Wells is an American diplomat and former Ambassador of the United States of America to Jordan. Early life and education. Wells was born in Beirut, Lebanon to Heidi and Wes Wells.

Her father was at the time a U.S. Army officer stationed there as part of President Eisenhower's Middle East Task Force. Oct 06,  · Alice Stebbins Wells was the first American-born woman to become a police officer in the United States.

Alice wanted to become a police officer because she was particularly concerned about the welfare of women and children, and she felt their needs and safety were not being given the attention they deserved.

She began her. Alice Stebbins Wells (June 13, – August 17, ) was the first American-born female police officer in the United States, hired in in Los Angeles. Career Early career. Alice was a graduate of Oberlin College and Hartford Theological Seminary, where a study she.

Alice Stebbins Wells was born in Manhattan Kansas on June 13, Mrs. Well’s was the first American born female to be hired as a police woman with arrest powers.

Nation’s First Female Police Officer LAPD Officer Alice Stebbins Wells InLos Angeles social worker Alice Stebbins Wells petitioned Mayor George Alexander and the City Council, requesting that an ordinance providing .

Alice stebbins wells the first american
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