An analysis of the block statue senmut with princess nefrura from thebes

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Christine Meyer has offered compelling evidence to show that Senenmut was a bachelor for his entire life: It came to pass in every respect, as was commanded by doing according to the desire of his majesty concerning it. Overseer of the gardens of Amun, Senmut.

The inscriptions mention his relationship to the princess as her tutor. Chief steward of Amun, Senmut, triumphant. After Hatshepsut was crowned pharaoh, Senenmut was given more prestigious titles and became high steward of the king. Neither stands today though they were commemorated in the Chapelle Rouge.

Djeser-Djeseru and the other buildings of the Deir el-Bahri complex are considered to be among the great buildings of the ancient world. When he carries Hathor, sovereign of Thebes, and Mut, mistress of Ishru, he causes her to appear, he bears her beauty, for the life, prosperity, and health of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Maatkare Hatshepsutliving forever.

It took place according to that which was commanded; everything was done; it took place because of the fame of her majesty. TT is fully underground without any overground chapel. Senmut lists his duties as Architect and it becomes clear from the inscription that his work was spread over a sizable area.

Senenmut supervised the quarrying, transport, and erection of twin obelisksat the time the tallest in the world, at the entrance to the Temple of Karnak.

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The text below comes from Breasted, Ancient Records, Vol. Chief of the peasant-serfs of Amun, Senmut, triumphant. The Monuments of Senenmut: Neither tomb by itself was complete as would be expected Egyptian tomb for a person of high standing.

The building complex design is thought to be derived from the mortuary temple of Mentuhotep II built nearly years earlier at Deir-el-Bahri near Thebes. This statue was found in Karnak and was a gift from the Queen.

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Interesting is the mention of the statue being presented to Senmut by the King and the Queen. Aswan Inscription Near Aswan a rock inscription mentions how Senmut was commissioned to move two obelisks from the quarries there to Thebes.

Accompanying Senmut Ascription of [honor] to the Divine Consort, Sovereign of the entire Two Lands, by the wearer of the royal seal, companion, great in love, chief steward, Senmut Record beneath the Two Figures Came the hereditary prince, count, who [greatly] satisfies the heart of the Divine Consort, who pleases the Mistress of the Two Lands by his injunction, chief steward of the Princess, Nefrure, who liveth, Senmut, in order to conduct the work of two great obelisks of a Myriad- of- Years.

Djeser-Djeseru sits atop a series of terraces that once were graced with gardens.

Senmut With Neferure Egyptian Statue

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Master of all people, chief of the whole land, steward of Amun, Senmut, triumphant, chief [steward] of the king, Senmut ; revered by the great god. This indicates other dimension of his career, suggesting that he was an ancient astronomer as well.

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Wosretkau Hatshepsutfavorite of Horus: Malicious Caspar knelt, his obolus pleaded eligible roped.Seated Senenmut holding the princess Neferure in his arms, on display at the British Museum.

Senenmut (sometimes spelled Senmut, Senemut, or Senmout) A block statue of Senenmut with the head of Hatshepsut's daughter Neferure appearing below his. Need writing essay about statue of kouros?

Buy your personal college paper and have "A+" grades or get access to database of statue of kouros essays samples. Senmut with Princess Nefrua. New Kingdom Egypt, B.C.E. Thebes, Egypt. Granite. An example of an Egyptian block statue, in which Ka could find an eternal home in. His parents were reburied in Senmut's tomb.

Senmut had two tombs in Thebes: TT71 and TT Senmut served in many capacities. Senmut and the princess Neferure (Image from Wiki Commons) This block statue is another gift from his royal patrons. The inscriptions mention his relationship to the princess as her tutor.

The text below comes. statue of Senmut and Princess Nefrura (ca. BCE, Thebes, New Kingdom) Streamline design concentrates attn. on the heads and treats the 2 bodies as a single cubic block given over to inscriptions.

Senmut with Princess Nefrua Egyptian Statue by Pacific Giftware Home Decor Dating from the New Kingdom, BCE, the original of this piece was found in Thebes and is made of basalt stone.

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Our mini replica is cold cast resin with a basalt finish and is 5 1/2 inches high.

An analysis of the block statue senmut with princess nefrura from thebes
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