An overview of the un millennium development goal

While significant achievements have already been made in areas such as access to basic water supply, improvement in service delivery remains a priority.

As of the Millennium Villages Project operated in 14 sites across 10 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Reduce biodiversity loss, achieving, bya significant reduction in the rate of loss Halve, bythe proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation Byto have achieved a significant improvement in the lives of at least million slum-dwellers 8.

However, a lot of the gains have come from the successful economic growth of countries like India and China, whereas Sub-Saharan Africa is not on track as a region to meet this goal. Or, should they be abandoned altogether once the target date of is reached?

Develop a global partnership for development[ edit ] Target 8A: An international campaign has formed around post planning. The study also argued that without accurate measures, it is impossible to determine the amount of progress, leaving MDGs as little more than a rhetorical call to arms.

Millennium Development Goals and Human Rights While there have been criticisms of the Millennium Development Goals MDGs as not reflecting a rights-based approach to development, advocates of the MDGs argue that they protect the most important right of all — the right to preserve and protect human dignity.

Millennium Development Goals

In some cases, the emphasis on primary education has negatively affected secondary and post-secondary education. Ensure environmental sustainability[ edit ] Target 7A: The text of the commitment was: Dracunculiasis is also on the verge of eradication with an historic low of cases reported in and an ongoing WHO target of interrupting its transmission by the end of Additionally, another study from Tanzania found that increased access to paid work led to a long-term reduction in domestic violence.

This has had tremendous progress. That there is a case for a further set of indicators designed to encourage the effective tackling of the problem of absolute poverty in all its aspects, and also to encourage international support for it That key features of the MDG paradigm need to be tested against the experience of other ways of tracking and incentivising progress.

Address the special needs of the least developed countries. For example, Goal 1, to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, represents the right to an adequate standard of living as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Halve, bythe proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation Proportion of population with sustainable access to an improved water sourceurban and rural Proportion of urban population with access to improved sanitation Target 7D: Millennium Development Goal 6: Deal comprehensively with the debt problems of developing countries through national and international measures in order to make debt sustainable in the long term.

He chaired the WHO Commission on Macroeconomics and Health —01which played a pivotal role in scaling up the financing of health care and disease control in the low-income countries to support MDGs 4, 5, and 6. In cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, provide access to affordable essential drugs in developing countries.

South Africa is committed to fulfilling its constitutional obligations to deliver socio-economic rights within the context of its national plan of action, Visionand the Millennium Development Goals MDGs.

What have the millennium development goals achieved?

Reduce by three quarters, between andthe maternal mortality ratio Target 5. The Beyond association includes more than organisation, including 40 organisations in Africa and 20 in the Americas. The global rate of decline has also accelerated in recent years — from 1.The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were the eight international development goals for the year that had been established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations infollowing the adoption of.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are 8 goals,comprising 21 targets and 60 indicators, to halve extreme poverty by and create a global partnership for development. Signed on to by all the world's countries and the world's leading development institutions, they represent a blueprint for ending global poverty and.

The Millennium Development Goals Report United nations new York, Summary. 2 | The Millennium Development Goals Report At the beginning of the new millennium, world leaders. The Declaration committed nations to a new global partnership to reduce extreme poverty, and set out a series of eight time-bound targets - with a deadline of - that have become known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The UN Millennium Development Goals are eight aims that the countries of the UN would attempt to achieve over the following 15 years. The eight goals involved the eradication of extreme poverty. Millennium Development Goals; Eight Goals for Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty; Achieve universal primary education; Promote gender equality and empower women; World leaders gathered at the UN Millennium Summit in and signed the UN Millennium Declaration.

This document is the foundation for the MDGs, a set of 8.

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An overview of the un millennium development goal
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