Analysis of life insurance

Paid for your software. I managed to navigate easily and build sample cases and comparisons watching only about 5 minutes of instructional video and having to ask a question only once. Quality and customer service.

The first client I showed my LDA report to said "I totally see what you mean, that makes total sense. I first came to try Life Design Analysis, because I saw it was a great tool to visually and mentally help our clients better understand the differences between products.

The combination of the analytics and visual data have been such a powerful communication tool for illustrating concepts and strategies. Life Design Analysis is simple, clean and easy to use. So, I signed up on the bare bones platform. A couple of years ago, I sat in a boardroom and listened to you and Larry rave about how impressive LDA was and how it had made illustrating options to a client a piece of cake.

We have been using the software for a while now, it is amazingly simple and professional. When he introduced our Firm to the benefits of Life Design Analysis, we knew that our clients would be able to understand more, decide faster and be better satisfied with our services.

I was worried about learning another software platform, but this was probably the easiest software switch I have ever made.

There are so many features to this system but for us the best feature is being able to compare different plans from different companies all on the same page. One of the first times I used it, I secured a sale of WL.

So, I moved to the Cadillac version of the plan and thought I would test it out with a cantankerous client who was a stickler about details. Professional client presentations in minutes, no matter where you are? Becoming a skeptic over the years of hearing similar professions of grandeur, I did not jump at the opportunity.

Life Design has quickly become an invaluable tool in our day to day business. No Credit Card Required! Nice premium on that. The ability to import data to create advanced presentations takes only minutes — and I am the least tech-savvy person I know!

In our profession we value time a great deal and your program is definitely a time saving tool. I just wanted to let you know that because of LDA, I was able to show my clients the value in permanent insurance over term, use it as an investment rather than for protection and leave a better legacy for their kids, thank you!

The targeted support emails are amazing too. From this point on, all the families and entrepreneurs we work with, get up from the table knowing more about how their insurance works than all their friends. With Life Design Analysis I got both of these. Despite its shortcomings it sufficed as there was not an alternative in the market.

Had this been the case, I would have come roaring out of the gates and gathered insurance premiums at a much quicker pace. If you are not using Life Design Analysis you are already falling behind. Congratulations on a job well done! Thank you Life Design Analysis for a great solution.

A leader in our industry, he knows that we must help the consumer to make choice more simple and decision making easy. Clients love the ease of use, user interface and especially the ability to make a well-informed decision without second-guessing.

As time passed, however, I started to realize that it may be something I could integrate into my practice. That always changes everything. The product is intuitive, easy to use, and very customizable to your branding and corporate image. Wisdom with a click. Adam Lewis "Incredible Software!

Help your client make an informed decision, while making your life as an advisor simpler and more successful.Welcome to ICP Life insurance financial analysis module. This is a basic-level mod- ule on life insurance financial analysis that does not require specific prior knowledge.

buying life insurance, it makes sense to consult with an insurance professional for a more thorough analysis of your needs. This worksheet assumes you died today. LIMRA-The Need and Value of Life Insurance rev.

Life Insurance Sales & Presentation Software

Life Insurance Needs Analysis How much life insurance do you and your family need? Do you have enough? Life insurance can help provide funds to meet your family’s immediate and ongoing needs in the event of either spouse’s premature death.

Use the following information and worksheet. Life Design Analysis is a must for a any professional insurance producer. David Cooke From time to time in our careers, there is something that changes everything.

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Analysis of life insurance
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