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Almost every effort for the prevention, treatment, cure and control of human diseases and sufferings rely on knowledge attained through research with laboratory animals CTD.

Writers have competitive incentives to work towards and are Animals for research purposes essay looked after, which means that we attract and retain the very best writers in this industry. Although animals cannot yet be completely replaced, it is important that researchers maximize reduction and refinement.

In addition, introducing a non-animal replacement technique involves not only development of the method, but also its validation by national and international regulatory authorities.

Is The Use Of Animals For Research Purposes Justified?

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In American Physiological Society That"s how confident we are about the standards which our writers keep. Humans have therefore benefited significantly from animals in the form of treatments they derive from the study and experiments on animals.

The benefits of animal research have been enormous and it would have severe consequences for public health and medical research if it were abandoned Matching the number of animals generated from breeding programmes to the number of animals required for research has also helped to reduce the number of surplus animals.

More generally, the bioscience community accepts that animals should be used for research only within an ethical framework. Humans have therefore benefited significantly from animals in the form of treatments they derive from the study and experiments on animals.

For example, the cryopreservation of sperm and oocytes has reduced the number of genetically modified mice required for breeding programmes Robinson et al, ; mice lines do not have to be continuously bred if they can be regenerated from frozen cells when required.

Are animal models useful? Even in regulatory toxicology, which might seem to be a relatively straightforward task, about 20 different tests are required to assess the risk of any new substance.

Based on their experiments on mice, the researchers prepared drugs that improved bone density, reduced bone fractures, aided weight gain and delayed the origination of program CTD. More than 5 billion animals are killed in the United States each year as a source of food.

Even though Queen Victoria expressed her concerns for animals through this Act however, by passing this Act she did not ban the usage of animals for research and experimentation instead she Just defined certain parameters under which scientific research involving animals should be conducted CTD.

According to researchers at Santa Clara University, about 8 million animals are exposed to painful testing measures during vivisection among which 10 percent are not even given pain killers CTD in Claire et al.

This observation of humans about biological similarity and capability of animals to suffer same health problems as that of humans marked the beginning of usage of animals for research and experimentation.

Medical Research with Animals. In particular, mammals are essential to researchers because they are the closest to us in evolutionary terms.

Under the Act, anybody can request information from a public body in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Students of medical and allied health professions such as dentistry and physiotherapy as well as veterinary and agricultural science students gain knowledge and acquire specialized skills when provided vocational training on animal experimentation qtd in smith et al.

Therefore, adequate training is an important aspect of the refinement of animal research, and should continually be reviewed and improved. Moreover, program which is a disease characterized by accelerated aging and cardiovascular disease in children, has been provided cure utilizing mice by searchers CTD in UCLA.

It is expensive to use model organisms as the animals must be purchased and then fed, housed and cared for. Also, the students of more research oriented professions such as zoology or pharmacology use animals as their tools in answering questions about the natural world and in solving research problems qtd.

According to David Wipers, utilizing cats, rodents and other animals for experiments contributed to the development of 25 compounds that aimed at reducing damage from chemic stroke caused by lack of blood flow to the brain but none proved efficient in human trials CTD.Therefore it has became obvious that animals should be used for scientific research purposes as the benefits they provide in research have been accepted and recognized by even the authorities working for animal rights protection (CTD.

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Disclaimer: that involves the use of animals must be according to the “Australian code of Practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes.” Each animal testing must be assessed by an” institutional Animal Ethics Committee (AEC. May 13,  · Essay Writing Service; Research Paper Help; HRs Help You Write a Cover Letter Online; Home / Is The Use Of Animals For Research Purposes Justified?

This paper presents different arguments for and against the use of animals for research purposes. The population of animals has been dropping drastically worldwide in the Location: N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, Why Are Animals Used in Research?

Human beings use animals for a wide variety of purposes, including research. The approximately million people in the United States keep about million dogs and cats as pets. Should animals be used in research? Animals, from the fruit fly to the mouse, are widely used in scientific research. They are crucial for allowing scientists to learn more about human biology and health, and for developing new medicines.

Should animals be used for research purposes Essay Sample. Should animals be used for scientific research and experimentation? From ancient times, humans have relied on animals for their survival either as food (sheep, cow) or for competition (horses) and companionship (dogs).

Animals for research purposes essay
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