Cultural misorientation

African-American and European-American cultural differences as assessed by the worldviews paradigm: Kambon insists that it is reasonable to conceptualize an African Black Psychology as existing independently of Western Psychology based on the fact that African cultures existed, and even preceded Western cultures.

Guyton- Baldwin was a School Teacher and Community-civic leader who died in at the age of The psychology of oppression. This, Kambon argues, is the context in which Black individuals are expected to exist and thrive, despite the fact that a European reality structure is a definitional system that does not give legitimacy to African social realities.

Kambon has centered his Cultural misorientation on this approach, and Black psychologists around the country Cultural misorientation certainly been influenced by his Africentric model as well.

Cultural misorientation : the greatest threat to the survival of the black race in the 21st century

Portrait of an African-centered psychologist. Such interventions would provide African social and institutional structures that serve to support and reinforce African Self Consciousness, such as Africentric educational institutions, religious institutions, social activities and rituals.

Legacy[ edit ] Kobi Kambon has had a tremendous influence on the field of African Black psychology, contributing much to conversations about how a Black psychology should be defined and studied in relation to White psychology and culture.

Afrocentric cultural consciousness and African-American male-female relationships. The Western Journal of Black Studies. Contemporary black thought, In order to explain such distortions of Black personalities, Kambon coins the terms African self-extension orientation and African self-consciousness.

Issues and Synthesis, Kobi Kambon provides a general overview of his Africentric approach to studying the psychology of Black Americans.

Straying from what Jackson terms the reactive and inventive approaches to a study of Black people, Kambon chose to focus solely on the psychology of African Americans as something uniquely African, and therefore functionally independent from White Psychology.

Kambon proposes that interventions are warranted in alleviating the burden of mental health on African Americans. His mother, Mable E. African and European Cultures".

Kambon has written, developed and contributed to well over 60 scholarly publications, five of which are books.


The African self-extension orientation is defined by Kambon as the biogenetic basis for African personalities, which Kambon argues to be innately distinct from European personalities.

Journal of Black Studies, Baldwin was born in Jasper, Alabama November 29, Kambon Cultural misorientation the 9th of 10 children, with four sisters and five brothers. His father, Andrew Baldwin Sr. The suggested interventions should be aimed at reconciling African Self Consciousness with African self-extension orientation.

In his article African Self Consciousness and the Mental Health of African Americans he touches on the prevalence of mental health disorders in African American populations, and suggests that Western oppressive forces are extremely potent in their effects on African American psychology.

Kambon was briefly drafted in the Army from to Given this cultural and psychological "incarceration", Kambon advocates for a Black psychology that allows African Americans to consciously resist European reality structures in favor of an African worldview that affirms their existence, thereby restoring what Kambon calls "Africanity" to its centrality in the Natural Order.

This is to say that the full expression of African personalities is contingent on the alignment of the African self-extension orientation with an appropriate African culture, or "African cosmology".

Kambon refers to this process of distortion as a differentiation between the African self-extension orientation and African self-consciousness.

Thus, differentiation yields basic disorder in the Black personality, which threatens the state of African American mental health in the United States. Kambon suggests that to study Black psychology as contained within Western Psychology is to ignore African cultural and philosophical antecedents, thereby framing modern Black psychology as a set of mere reactions to Western culture and oppression.

Western Journal of Black Studies. The black self-hatred paradigm revisited: The ultimate expression of the African self-extension orientation is mediated by what Kambon terms African self-consciousness, which is under conscious regulation and is therefore sensitive to environmental context.

Early life[ edit ] Kobi Kazembe Kambon a.

Cultural Misorientation

Kambon calls much of this work "Western psychology in blackface", referring to the psychologists involved as conceptually incarcerated thinkers, stuck within a Eurocentric framework of psychology. Journal of Black Psychology.

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A problem emerges, however, when an alien definitional system, or worldview, is foisted upon a people for whom the worldview was not designed, and within which they are negatively viewed.The Cultural Orientation Resource Center is funded by the Department of State/Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM).

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The relationship between African Self-Consciousness, Cultural Misorientation, Hypermasculinity, and Rap Music Preference. Cultural Misorientation [Kobi Kazembe Kalongi Kambon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Kobi Kambon

CULTURAL MISORIENTATION: THE GREATEST THREAT TO THE SURVIVAL OF THE BLACK RACE IN THE 21ST CENTURY. This book presents one of the most definitive mental health paradigms for African survival in the 21st 5/5(1).

disorientation - confusion (usually transient) about where you are and how to proceed; uncertainty as to direction; "his disorientation was the result of inattention" confusedness, disarray, mental confusion, muddiness, confusion - a mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior; "a confusion of impressions".

Addiction to substances is among the self-destructive disordersfound in the Azibo nosology. It is theorized that underlying these disorders is psychological misorientation that results from a distortion in African Self-Consciousness (ASC).

To explore ASC and the relationship between it and misorientation behavior for a population of African. The Relationship between African Self-Consciousness, Cultural Misorientation, Hypermasculinity, and Rap Music Preference DeReef F.

Jamison The present study investigated whether the type of rap music listened to by African American males was dependent on their worldview.

Cultural misorientation
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