Discrimination in the british police essay

Brown found that PACE had limited impact on stop and search practise due to difficulties over the concept of reasonable suspicion, poor training, poor sanctions for breaches of rules, and lack of public awareness of stop and search powers. It should help the minority who are discriminated against, but it doesn t seem to happen.

PACE Police and criminal evidence act, is an act which sets out to help safeguard suspects from mistreatment. In regards to the Criminal Justice System, race and gender are always accounted for in court proceedings.

The Commission for Racial Equality, hoped to change the provisions of the anti-discrimination law, but id this was extended to criminal justice then the problem of deciding whether certain criteria that work to the disadvantage of an ethnic minority can be justified.

Hagan in reviewed many of the findings supporting racial discrimination and found that studies were not allowing for the possibility that black defendants may be charged with more serious crimes than whites, and may have more serious criminal records cited in Theoretical Criminology.

Sentencing also seems to be stiffer when given to a coloured person no matter what the crime might be. The Discrimination in the british police essay office in studied prison statistics in Britain s prisons.

Even though racism and discrimination is part and parcel of living in a society, a person s identity as a human should be more important than the colour of the skin.

The United Nations Charter declared in article 55 that the United Nations will promote human rights and fundamental freedom for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion. This may seem to be a well thought of system, but like any other organisation, there are flaws, and one of the major flaws is discrimination, and the bias that stems from discrimination.

Criminology term papers Disclaimer: All people were expected to behave by asserting their chance to achieve vast riches. The middle-class seem to make all the rules which must be obeyed by the vast majority - in the schools, the courts, etc. Discrimination is a major factor in the police force, it has been well known, due to the media, that in Western countries police stop and search youths just because of their colour.

The fact that police stop and search particular people can be justifiable in terms of results e.

Wolfgang and Ferracuti applied a theory relating to an earlier study on homicide in Philadelphia Wolfgang, The prisoner is most likely to have missed out on the educational system and belongs to a minority group.

As Smith in said, the apparent fairness of the criminal justice system does not mean that the outcomes will necessarily be unbiased. The Race Relations Act of made it unlawful to discriminate on grounds of race, colour, or ethnic or national origins, in the provision of goods, facilities, and services.

Walker studied three different ethnic groups white, black and Asian suspects in two age categories yrs and yrs and found that more blacks than whites were refused bail by both the police and the courts. Those who didn t were characterised as lazy. This has led to direct racial discrimination from the judges and magistrates who remembered the time of segregation and other similar matters, this would build up and provide a racial outlook therefore showing discrimination.

The criminal justice system should take into account there are not enough minority groups in the workforce, especially the police, or the courts, so therefore try to improve the standards when dealing with offenders.

The minority s don t have the expertise to plead innocence when condemned as the criminal justice system is made up of liberal, middle-class, white men who base a lot of the cases on discretion. It was found that even though 5. A significant number of homicides that had occurred amongst lower-class people resulted from trivial events that took on great importance due to expectations on how people behave.Justice recently summarized this history of discrimination against LGBT people in its brief to the United States Supreme Court in.

Windsor v. United. States. • Discrimination and harassment law enforcement officers based on sexual orientation by and gender identity continues to be pervasive throughout the United States. Ronnie Lungu successfully sued Wiltshire Police for race discrimination; up on British style?

Black police officer Ronnie Lungu wins race discrimination case

RSS Text-based site Reader Prints Our Papers Top of page Daily Mail Mail on Sunday This is. Keywords London, Police, Sexual orientation, racist, Ethnic group 0 Like 0 Tweet An equal opportunity is and should always be a non-racist and non-sexist philosophy, but also a non-sexual orientation notion as well.5/5(1).

Racial Discrimination from Police Racial discrimination in the United States is as old as America itself. The United States motto deduces that, although America is a single country, it is made up of people of all walks from all the corners of the world, but some as slaves, especially from Africa.

Direct discrimination according to the European Commission () defined as ‘when a person is treated less well, in comparison with someone else, because of his or her racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.'Indirect discrimination occurs when a person want to get a job and for that.

Racist discrimination throughout the Criminal Justice System (CJS) in the United Kingdom (UK) is a controversial but pervasive issue.

Discrimination in the british police essay
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