Egypt and sumer civilizations compare and

Both, Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations believed that gods controlled everything that happened to them. Both peoples developed complex, but different writing systems for the purpose of record keeping.

In the Egyptian pantheon there were around recognized gods and goddesses. The Egyptian writing was called hieroglyphic and the Sumerian writing was called cuneiform. They even lacked pulleys or other devices to hoist the huge slabs of stone that formed the pyramids.

Egyptian government tended to be more authoritarian with absolute power residing with the pharaoh; however in Sumer the city-state politics allowed for more input from nobles acting as councils.

Egypt and Sumerian civilizations had many things in common, but they also had some differences. Given the importance of royal rule and the belief that pharaohs were gods, it is not surprising that each of the main periods of Egyptian history was marked by some striking kings. Cuneiform was just pictures that represented words.

Egyptian civilization, formed by B. Sumerian and Egyptian governments were quite different. Soon, the pharaoh was regarded as a god. Basic Patterns Of Egyptian Society Unlike Mesopotamia and the Middle East, where an original river-valley basis to civilization ultimately gave way to the spread of civilization throughout an entire region, Egyptian civilization from its origins to its decline was focused on the Nile River and the deserts around it.

Many pharaohs commemorated their greatness by building huge pyramids to house themselves and their retinues after death, commanding work crews of up tomen to haul and lift the stone.

Please spread the word. Unlike Sumer, Egypt moved fairly directly from precivilization to large government units, without passing through a city-state phase, though the first pharaoh, Narmer, had to conquer a number of petty local kings around B.

The first great pyramid was built around B. In contrast the Sumerians were vulnerable to attack and lived a much more volatile existence. While many lay people have at least a perfunctory knowledge of the ancient Egyptians, the Sumerians, perhaps unfairly, are less known to the general population.

Another difference between the Sumerians and the Egyptians is the way they approached death and prepared for the afterlife. Besides Mesopotamia, a second civilization grew up in northeastern Africa, along the Nile River. By the same token, however, Egyptian politics tended to be more authoritarian as well as centralized, for city-states in the Mesopotamian style, though often ruled by kings, also provided the opportunity for councils and other participatory institutions.

The Nile focus also gave a more optimistic cast to Egyptian culture, for it could be seen as a source of never- failing bounty to be thankfully received, rather than a menacing cause of floods. Both civilizations had similarities, but also had their differences just like everything in life.

It was etched onto clay tablets, which were then fired in kilns to make the writing last. Just like the Egyptian civilization, the Sumer civilizations had Gods and Goddesses above everyone, but also there was the ruling family.

Difference Between Sumerians and Egyptians

While both the Sumerians and the Egyptians chose to settle in fertile river plains and developed sophisticated agriculture, religion and political systems, there are also many differences between the two groups and the key features of their ways of life.

Egyptian civilization may at the outset have received some inspiration from Sumer, but a distinctive pattern soon developed in both religion and politics. Gods and Goddesses were superior from everyone else in the civilization. Egyptians wrote on papyrus, like the paper we use today.

The Sumerians had more technological advancements than the Egyptians.

Also, it was used to move heavy things in an easier way. During the year span in which Egypt displayed its greatest vigor, the society went through three major periods of monarchy the Old, the Intermediate, and the New Kingdomseach divided from its successor by a century or two of confusion.

They had similar hierarchy and both invented important things that benefit us until today. The Egyptians had more complex funerary ceremonies and afterlife mythology than the Sumerians 3. Governors were appointed for key regions and were responsible for supervising irrigation and arranging for the great public works that became a hallmark of Egyptian culture.

This is probably due to the fact that the surrounding environment of the Sumerians was harsher and more difficult to predict and manage. These monuments were triumphs of human coordination, for the Egyptians were not particularly advanced technologically.

The Sumerians were a people who settled on the flood plains of the mighty Tigris and Euphrates Rivers around B. Ancient Egyptian society had taken shape on the nutrient rich banks of the Nile River. In all its phases, Egyptian civilization was characterized by the strength of the pharaoh.

Their funerary rites were uncomplicated for their passage into the afterlife. Sumer civilization invented the wheel. Both civilizations believed in powerful gods.Egypt and Sumer Civilizations Two of the greatest civilizations were Egypt and Sumer.

Both civilizations had similarities, but also had their differences just like everything in life. Civilizations Two of the greatest civilizations were Egypt and Sumer.

Both civilizations had similarities, but also had their differences just like everything in life. They had similar beliefs on gods controlling everything in their lives. Also, these two civilizations were the first ones to make up a writing system.

Even though both civilizations were the [ ]. Sumer, Egypt moved fairly directly from precivilization to large government.

Egypt and Sumer Civilizations Compare and Contrast

Egypt And Mesopotamia Compared. The development of two great early civilizations in the Middle East and characteristic of early civilizations. Both Egypt and Mesopotamia emphasized. social stratification, with a noble, landowning class on top and masses of.

A Comparison Between Ancient Egyptian And Sumerian Civilization History Essay. but later on. If we compared ancient Egypt with Sumer, we maybe see some similarities and some differences.

Thus, what are the similarities? and the differences? the Arabian and Syrian deserts, which provided less protection to early civilizations than the. Transcript of Similarities and Differences of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Gov't and Law Codes Similarities of Mesopotamia and Egypt Writing and Record Keeping Differences-Symbols and words were not the same in Egypt and Sumer Cities Similarities-Cities support very large populations Comparing Civilizations: Egypt vs.

Mesopotamia By:. "Difference Between Sumerians and Egyptians." This article really helped me when I have to compare and contrast the Egyptian culture and the Sumerian culture.! of Ain mi-centre.comt Egypt then Manguls would have rushed into north Africa then Spain then all Europe destroying the without Egypt the rise of Europe would.

Egypt and sumer civilizations compare and
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