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From the Himalaya] down to Kanyakumari, India spreads out over a vast area. India is my mother country. She is famous for mountains, rivers, lakes etc. In the east, there are Mizoram, Manipur and Meghalaya. Nepal is rich in water resources. This is the place where i got born and brought up.

They live like bothers as one family. India is now a glorious land 3 it is the land of god also ilove my country because i have born in india. India is the land of great saints like the Buddha and Guru Nanak.

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According to the census report of A. Through tourism, she is able to earn foreign currency which can be used on development projects. About 50 percentage of people are literate.

It is the land of high mountains and deep valleys. We speak many languages, worship many gods and yet we have the same spirit, the spirit of India, running through the country, binding us together.

However, the monarchy retained many important and ill-defined powers. India has a vast system of rivers and canals. To know More About Nepal:: Then the king sacked the elected prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba of Nepali Congress Democratic in on the ground of not able to hold election and started ruling through prime ministers appointed by him.

I feel proud to be the citizen of Nepal. In terms of area it ranks seventh in the world. The Caves of Ajanta and Ellora is brilliant specimen of architectural excellence.

It is the land of lions and peacocks. It is the land of seers and saints. National parks and wild-life reserves preserve many wild animals and birds. We feel that mother and motherland are same.India is my motherland country.I love my motherland view is a very large the Himalaya down to the Kanyakumari.

Our India's popullation is above crores mostly India's popullation live in villages. My stomach.2Tone and essay writing is a good way to start writing a reflective essay law stand and deliver essay review sujet de dissertation niveau seconde essay on main agricultural products of the muslim world dissertation proverbs svenja goltermann dissertation cause and effect essay thesis statement.2Nepal - history, people, clothing.

Essays on Motherland Nepal. Motherland Nepal Search. Search Results. The Best Recipe For The Progress Of Nepal Nepal is in a process of change, political and socially. None of the nations are developed from the beginning. The people living in it have to work for its development and.

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To write an essay on my motherland is my country, growth of cake. Greater than 85 percent is a failure. My Country Nepal Essay Culture is embedded in My Country My Pride “Mother and motherland are greater than heaven.” It is true statement. My country Nepal which is very small in the world map but to me my country whether it is.

Mar 19,  · My country Nepal is situated between two large countries Chine and India. According to the census report of A.D., 2,31,51, people are living in my country. According to the census report of A.D., 2,31,51, people are .

Essay on my motherland nepal
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