Essay on the causes of poverty in pakistan

Short essay on Poverty in Pakistan

Law and order conditions in our country reaches to the miserable standards which is a huge failure to create and provide justice to a common man. The rulers of Pakistan must discard their lavish way of living.

The rich people in Pakistan are becoming mere rich, while the poor are becoming more poor. The demographic and cultural factors also join hands to crush the already exhausted people. Landlords do not labour on their land, rather they exploit peasants or tenants.

The poor cannot afford education. We are facing a population explosion. Ignorance is one of the important aspect of poverty. The workers do Essay on the causes of poverty in pakistan get a chance to earn more money. Failure in life may be due to some inborn deficiencies such as physical or mental handicap, dumbness, deafness, blindness, feeblemindedness, deficient legs and hands, and so on.

Bountifulness represents prosperity and blessings in every shape while poverty is one of the worst miseries of human kind.

Weak economy cannot dare to shout for integrity, dignity and sovereignty. First they gave me papers that were absolutely wrong. Our economic development since independence has been disappointing in certain respects.

The justice must be done and justice must prevail to curb corruption.

Essay on the Causes of Poverty

Third, social development can be done by promoting peace, laws for prevention of labour and services sector. He cannot afford to maintain a large family.

Within 60 years [] it had doubled. On the other hand if we look from other dimension then the major cause of the crime and social disorder increasing day by day in Pakistan is also due to the Poverty rate in Pakistan. Counting the steps that contribute in poverty alleviation in Pakistan, first thing required in the vision at the government level to set the priorities, and the then their evaluation according to chart and layout plans.

Causes of Poverty in Pakistan and its Solutions

In developing countries like Pakistan the people have become its worst victims. Secondly, social safety nets must be increased for the security of poor people, reducing their vulnerability to such risks as ill-health, economic shocks and natural disasters and help them cope with such adversities.

Lack of standard education causes poverty because education make people aware of every thing which could be used efficiently with education. But it must be regulated so that exploitation cannot be done at the cost of privatization.

Moreover, in order to curb domestic violence, necessary political will is imperative to implement enacted laws. Pakistan is an under developing and poor country and that is a fact, no one can deny this fact because the economy of Pakistan is facing fluctuation these days and the main cause behind this ups and downs is that the political leaders of Pakistan is not much aware of the global system and the ways to lead their country to the progressive way.

Fifth, the level of education is gloomy in the country. Now the area in each children hand is not enough that they can fulfill their family needs now the poverty comes in between the families and they have to live below the line of poverty. Inthe number of registered unemployed persons was about 4.

Human development is essential for attracting investment.

Poverty in Pakistan

Some call it lack of good leadership, some call it bad government policies and some call it bad politics but they all are same in one. Additionally, poor management of resources is a major menace leading to poverty. But increasing militancy has reduced these investments. Mostly people of rural areas live below the line of poverty and two third of our population live in rural areas.

The population of Pakistan has been increasing at an alarming rate. It is because of this, the conditions on which the loans given are so hard and disturbing for the recipient to get itself out of the vicious circle of exploitation.

Poverty corrupts the faith and ideas of an individual. According to human right reports 0. To eradicate poverty in Pakistan we have to fight with the causes and factors of poverty. S and the European Union has pushed countries into higher levels of poverty and there seems to be no solution to this problem.

Poverty in Pakistan Essay Pakistan is a poor and underdeveloped country. A poor remains poor the whole of his life.Reasons that Can Cause Poverty Essay Words 5 Pages Poverty is the lack of the basic needs of life, including food, shelter, clothing and safe drinking water.

Causes of Poverty in Pakistan and the poverty line in Pakistan discussed here in detail with facts and figure and solutions to decrease the poverty in Pakistan so. Here is an essay on Poverty in Pakistan with the outline for students of different classes. A good student should start writing Poverty in Pakistan essay with an outline and later discuss the reasons behind it and should end up with the solutions to deal with the reasons of this problem.

Essay On Poverty In Pakistan. Abundance and poverty are the two contrasts present on the face of the earth similar to brightness and darkness.

Bountifulness represents prosperity and blessings in every shape while poverty is.

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Essay on the Causes of Poverty – The causes of poverty many sided. However, they may be discussed under the following heads: (i) Individual incapacity, (ii) Economic factors, (iii) Social factors, (iv) Demographic factors, and (v) other factors.

From the view point of the ideology of individualism. To eradicate poverty in Pakistan we have to fight with the causes and factors of poverty.

Unless the causes and factors of poverty will be settled the poverty will never end. Ignorance is one of the important aspect of poverty.5/5(1).

Essay on the causes of poverty in pakistan
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