How to write a letter commending an employee

Compliment letters can be used in instances such as complimenting an employee for a job well done, complimenting the organizing committee for an excellent event, or complimenting someone for winning an award. All letters to employees must be addressed with the proper names of the recipients.

Check out our employee recommendation letter sample to see exactly how to format and write this type of letter. I said of course I would write the letter, and I sat down at my computer to write.

These articles may interest you. Also find out how the employee recommendation letter is to be submitted electronically, mail, deliveredas well as any special instructions that are required for submissions signature across the envelope.

This helped to generate more business for our company and insured that we were able to retain some of our most valued clients.

Commend an Employee

Letters to Employees Letters to employees are letters written to individuals who work for an organization or for another person. We are also indebted to you for your well researched and invaluable sales reports and inputs for our new products this winter.

How to Write an Employee Recommendation Letter

You have proved to be a motivating team leader as well, and we appreciate you for your diligence and enthusiasm. I on behalf of the entire organization, earnestly express gratitude towards you and wish you all the best for all projects you handle in the years to come. When Bill from the Chicago office fell ill unexpectedly last week, you supported the company by taking his place and giving a very important presentation to all our clients there.

Wrap it up with a positive note or a call to action. Whatever the reason for your writing, the letter must be formal and professional. This is what I learned. Remember that you are not responsible for getting this person the job.

How to Write an Employee By single handedly managing the tough project of Jamie Pvt Ltd, you have set a benchmark for yourself and have taken our company to new heights. Make sure you have all the information you need Seems pretty self-explanatory, right?

The company has received many compliments and words of praise for you from our clients and we are delighted to have such a valuable staff like you with us.

They can also be used to compliment a colleague for delivering a good orientation or sales speech. Employers know that these types of letters are perfect opportunities for sycophantic sucking up. Your loyalty towards our company is appreciated.

We are aware that several rival companies have been trying to approach you and you have rejected their offers. Though compliment letters are considered a professional gesture in the corporate world, you can use them in your personal life to appreciate your loved ones for their achievements.

We are extremely grateful to you for your timely support. The rest is up to the employee. If the issue that you are writing about requires further explanation, make sure to offer your explanation in a way that the recipient can easily understand.

Also, if you can, compare the individual to others in a similar position. What are the characteristics that will make them successful? When writing compliment letters, make sure to mention the name of the person you are complimenting in the letter stating how valuable this person is.

For example, if the job requires the ability to work well within a team context, make sure they provide you with that information. We are very appreciative of the huge sacrifices you have made on the personal front to work late at the office on all 5 working days. You are only responsible for being honest about the type of employee the person was while they working with you or for you.This sample letter is a format for expressing management appreciation to an employee for his/her good work or honesty in the workplace.

This is a personal communication in an official sphere. This former letter of appreciation can be sent via post, e-mail, fax or courier.

Letter of Commendation

I remember the first time I was asked to write an employee recommendation letter. It was awful, not because I didn't think the person was qualified (I knew the person to be extraordinarily talented and dedicated to their career), but becuase the request meant I was getting old.

Sample Appreciation letter to an employee for good work or honesty

Commendation for an Employee. If you wish to commend the actions of any Brevard County Sheriff’s Office employee, you can: Send an email to: [email protected]; Call and speak with the employee’s supervisor and verbally express your commendation; Write a letter to Sheriff Ivey explaining your commendation.

A simple thank you letter, that recognizes specific employee contributions, goes a long way in helping employees feel recognized and rewarded. In fact, an employee recognition letter that accompanies a bonus check or a gift magnifies the recognition that the employee experiences.

How to write a letter of recommendation, including what to include in each section of the letter, how to send it, and sample letters of recommendation. COMMENDING EMPLOYEE [Date] [NAME, COMPANY AND ADDRESS, ex. Tom Atkinson COMPANY Inc. 14 Edith Street, Hackney West, ZIP POST CODE] Dear [NAME, ex.

Tom Atkinson], I am writing to you to commend the performance of one of your employees, [NAME OF EMPLOYEE, ex. Joe Johnson], who works at your branch at [BRANCH ADDRESS].

How to write a letter commending an employee
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