How to write a news report lesson

Record student ideas on the board or overhead. When the stories have been completed, provide each student with the story that originally accompanied the headline. Collect worksheets so individual grades completion or accuracy can be assigned for the activity.

News articles cover the basics of current events. Name-calling -- stereotyping people or ideas. If not, what was missing? Then jot down ideas for the following six sections. Then introduce older students to a series of stories about an ongoing news event, and ask them to arrange the stories in the order in which they appeared.

How effectively did the headline convey the meaning of the story? Remember, this is just a foundation upon which to build your story. Ask students to use the map to answer some or all of these questions: What language is spoken there?

Hunt for classified math. Play a current events game. Main body What is at the heart of your story? Display the headline-less stories on a classroom bulletin board. Connect the news to science, geography, social studies, art, math, language arts, critical thinking, and technology!

Read them all, then write your own articles modeled after them. Before the advent of NIE, newspapers tended to be used only by secondary school social studies teachers in two-week units or for Friday current events sessions.

Various aspects of newspapers are covered, including parts of a newspaper, writing an article, online newspapers, newspaper reading habits, and layout and design techniques.

As a follow-up to this activity, ask each student to create a classified ad and exchange it with a classmate.

Newspaper Writing Tips PowerPoint

Discuss the importance of finding and citing reliable resources when doing reporting a news story. D, president of KidBibs, provides many activities that demonstrate how newspapers support language and literacy development, stimulate an interest in current events, support learning across the curriculum, promote higher level thinking skills, stimulate independent reading and writing, support character development, and more.

Remove the headlines from a number of news stories. Evolution of a second-grade class newspaper. Create a chart showing how students rated each product. At the end of the week, have students skim as many of the stories as possible and write an adjective describing each on index cards attached to each box.

If you are quoting more than one person with different points of view in your story, you cannot end with a quote from just one of them. Provide minutes for students to complete these questions, then discuss the answers as a class. Abilities in formal writing are best developed with a "process approach" that goes through five distinct phases: But this lesson deals strictly with news and feature articles.

Facilitate a classroom discussion about questions on the News Story Analysis Worksheet and encourage students to share their answers and ideas as part of the class discussion. Opening quotation What will give the reader a sense of the people involved and what they are thinking?

Although a news story can be creative and entertaining, too.

Creating a Classroom Newspaper

Add the paste to 2 cups of boiling water and return to a boil. Creation of a class newspaper provides such a real context, and thus makes an excellent choice as the basis for a project designed with this goal in mind. Facilitate a short discussion about what make a story newsworthy.

The Basic Story Outline The best way to structure a newspaper article is to first write an outline. Distribute the News Story Project Guide and review the project guidelines. Assign each student a letter of the alphabet. Have students explore Maps of the World and choose a map related to their assigned story.A powerpoint presentation that highlights the important points when writing a newspaper report.

It uses a scenario where the students imagine they have been rescued after being stranded on a deserted island and contains information on newspaper structure, language devises and techniques in non-fiction writing designed to inform/5(45).

This powerpoint features some great tips on how to write a truly great newspaper report. Newspaper Writing Tips PowerPoint (14 member reviews) Classic Collection Click for more information. Houses and Homes KS1 Lesson Plan Ideas and Resource Pack. Tens and Ones Activity Sheet.5/5(14).

Ten Great Activities: Teaching With the Newspaper Ten terrific classroom activities that use the newspaper to teach all sorts of valuable skills -- including reading and writing for meaning, map reading, media literacy, sequencing, word meaning, and math.

Literacy Preparation Week November Student Edition Learning About Writing a News Report Created by: Dale Simnett and Darren Reed Formatted by R Fracchioni. Writing and Reporting / Collaborative Research With the evolution of citizen journalism, the barrier between news broadcaster and news consumer is blurred.

A lesson plan for an 80 minute lesson on report writing, particularly on writing the introduction of a report.

This lesson plan includes the worksheet and suggested answers, as well as a summary of the presentation slides.

How to write a news report lesson
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