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Meanwhile, actress and comedian Lisa Lorraine Make em laugh Make em laugh TV at her home, when someone knocks at the door. The man calls himself the Pack Rat and he plans to take everything that is disposable on the store. It features The Joker in his last episode of the show.

He swings a golf club at Batman that catches an electrical panel, shocking him unconscious. Joker is placed into one of the police cars along with his comedy trophy as the people keep laughing. The Mad Hatter takes a taste of his own medicine. Joker controls the contest The night of the contest, the host is desperate to find replacements for the missing jury and Joker comes into his office to tell the host that his henchmen, Knuckles, Vinnie and Kowalski would serve as the jury and that he would be the only contestant.

Joker introduces his latest "girl": As he prepares to toss Joker gas into the crowd, Batman arrives and knocks the gas Make em laugh, and they explode outside harmlessly.

Batman disarms the man with ease and Pack Rat picks a golf club and swings it at Batman, who dodges the attack and causes the club to hit an electric box, knocking the criminal.

They watch the tape on the Batcomputer and they watch how an unregistered contestant comes to the stand and tries to make his act.

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Batman saves him by firing his grapple gun, catching Joker by the seat of his pants. The security guards try to take the man out of the store, but Pack Rat is armed with a machine gun and he attacks everyone that defies him.

Batman and Robin follow and in the fight, Joker accidentally stabs the balloon with a knife, causing it to descend. The jury conformed by Loomis, Lorraine and Standler refuse to give the man a chance and he is taken away from the stage by force. Was this review helpful to you?

Batman uses his Batrope to reach the clown, who tells Batman that he just wants the recognition that he is the best comedian in Gotham.

The whole crowd burst into laughter at Joker and when he finally gets his head out of the trophy, the police has already surrounded him.

Be a Clown

As he is led to a police van, he tries to pull up his pants, but they fall down again and he trips, causing even more laughter. Batman and Robin hear the gunshots before the connection is ended.

Elsewhere, comedienne Lisa Lorraine is abducted from her apartment. Batman chases Joker up to the rooftop of the building where Joker jumps towards an giant sized clown baloon with helium and he cuts the rope to escape from Batman with the trophy.

It also brings in bigger cast like Mark Hamill to do the voice over of Joker, which is done with genuine passion and enthusiasm that is clearly visible on screen. Synopsis Gotham City is plagued by a rash of crazy crimes all committed by bizarre villains.

At the store, Pack Rat shoots the phone and takes the speaker with him, but Alfred is safe. The writers seem to be losing their touch on the tone of it as they finds themselves sweating behind the camera waiting for a miracle, which no character helps on doing so.

Pack Rat continues his pillage of garbage until Batman and Robin arrive at the place and get the situation under control. Joker fights Batman armed with a knife and he manages to push Batman to the edge of the balloon, where the dark knight is barely hanging.

He disregards jewelry and cash and takes only worthless items, but is armed with a real functioning submachine gun.

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Batman arrives, and easily subdues the man, who starts acting up and falls off the balcony onto the roof of an arriving police car. It seems the comedians had the Joker tossed out of the annual Gotham Comedy Competition the year before and the jealous clown has sworn to destroy their reputations in return.

Officer Montoya comes out of the car, takes the sunglasses from the fallen man and she recognizes him as Buddy Standler, a well known TV host and comedian. Joker ends up falling off the balloon with the trophy stuck onto his head.Nov 05,  · Make 'Em Laugh The writers spend too much of their time on its first act which is predictable in here that makes it more disappointing but after Joker hits the screen, it all lightens up but unfortunately he too couldn't save this sinking ship this time.6/10().

"Make 'Em Laugh" is the seventh episode of the third season of Batman: The Animated Series. It originally aired on November 5, In this episode, three famous comedians are suddenly committing crazy crimes in Gotham.

As Batman and Robin investigate the bizarre goings-on, they learn the Joker Animation Services by: Dong Yang Animation Co., LTD. Balloon Art Perfect for birthday party's, kid's nights, promotions, and special events because everyone loves them!

Lyrics to 'Make 'Em Laugh' by Glee Cast. Though the world is full of such wonderful things / We should all be as happy as / But are we?

Make 'Em Laugh

/ No / Definitely No. The hilarious men, women, and moments in American entertainment and why they made us laugh. MAKE 'EM LAUGH lyrics: Cosmo: Though the world is so full of a number things, I know we should all be as happy as But are we?

No, definitely no, positively no. Decidedly no. Mm mm. Short people have long faces and Long.

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