Measures taken for reducing maid abuse in singapore essay

The man and his wife, took turns to hitting the maid by slapping her face, punching her stomach and chest. This would afford an abused maid who has been deprived of contact from the outside world an opportunity to cry for help.

If you would like to do your part to make a positive change, do volunteer with this charity called HOME Singapore. Tay was on March 11 sentenced to two years and four months in jail after he was convicted of all 12 charges.

Maids can abuse your home in several ways such as inviting unknown visitors to your home without your consent, knowledge, or authority. Many of us would respond with outrage if we see animals subjected to such cruelty as starvation or physical abuse.

Couple jailed for starving maid: Previous maid abuse cases in Singapore

You obviously do not want trouble around your children especially when you are not around to witness what takes place. Preventing maid abuse is very important for safety at home even if it means installing security camera to monitor all activities that take place in your house even when you are not around.

To conclude, there is an urgent need for maid abuse to be curbed as it brings negative impacts to many parties, especially to Malaysia as a whole. However, you cannot give away complete control or totally trust maids as they, sometimes, act in ways that are shocking. The proceedings also show how much rights the domestic workers know of their rights or where to seek help.

When that happens, an instance of abuse can be noted and further damage prevented.

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Which is why it always comes as a shock to us when we hear of maids being abused. Ivan Lim While on holiday in Krabi, Thailand, a couple of years back, our helper Rizza hurt herself quite dramatically while playing on the beach with Alex: They are doing lots of good work for the well-being, justice and empowerment of migrant workers and trafficked victims in Singapore.

6 Ways How Installing CCTV Can Prevent Maid Abuse

Through this, the early signs of mistreatment can be detected which will prevent this issue from getting worse. According to Wong in Azizana lot of money will be charged by the maid agencies and in order to meet the market demand, a few of the agencies will hunt for girls from the village, get them cleaned up and will send them right away to their respective clients without any training.

Take proactive steps to ensure maids' well-being

These countries scored highly on the Power Distance Index. Her male boss grabbed the maid by her shirt and allegedly dragged her into a room. The maid abuse cases which were made known internationally have indirectly portray Malaysia as a cruel country.

At her death, the year-old girl - who was 50 kg when she arrived in Singapore - weighed only 36 kg and had more than injuries on her body. You also need to tell your maid the main reason why you are installing cameras in your house. To make matters worse, there are several maid abuse cases where babies are born from the result of rape.

The state bears the costs. The wife even choked her neck with her two hands. Examine the risk factors. Muawanatul Chasanah was for nine months regularly starved, whipped, punched, slapped, kicked, jabbed with sharp objects and scalded with hot water by her employer, Ng Hua Chye.

Before such measures come into place, we could start treating our maids better. One recent case involved a year-old Filipino domestic helper who reportedly made her employers upset on January 20 last year for opening the refrigerator and microwave at night.

Concerned neighbours have become the only check against abuses for some maids.With these measures in place, Singapore will then be known as a country that cares for its workers, and one that not only takes appropriate action towards preventing maid abuse but also looks out for the wellness and welfare of those who come to help its citizens grow the nation for a better future.

There are various factors that lead to maid abuse in Malaysia. The unfortunate thing is that maid abuse does not only cause both mental and physical injuries to the maids, but it also jeopardize our international friendship with countries involved. Feb 26,  · Told from the perspective of a maid (Also known as: Foreign Domestic Worker) working for a Singaporean family and explores the discrimination that maids experience in Singapore.

Photograph Sources: Photograph 2. Hell's kitchen for Singapore maids L AST week, Singapore was confronted with the horrible spectacle of the worst maid abuse case in its history.

Maid Abuse in Singapore is On the Rise and It’s Basically Slavery

Muawanatul Chasanah was for nine months regularly starved, whipped, punched, slapped, kicked, jabbed with sharp objects and scalded with hot water by her employer, Ng Hua Chye. Top 5 Ways to Prevent Substance Abuse.

November 12, Drug Abuse, Prevention. While A history of substance abuse in the family, living in a social setting that glorifies drug abuse and/or family life that models drug abuse can be. Conditions for domestic workers in Singapore are improving, but many still face abuse and exploitation.

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Measures taken for reducing maid abuse in singapore essay
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