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We finally finished Red Yoshi!! Read the user agreement, effective immediately. The Perspective of a Young Feminist I wish I could read the entire thesis on this The comments to this entry are closed.

How to Remove Comments Entirely from Pages In a previous post, I told you how to remove the comment box from a specific wordpress page or post. Copies of our annual Comments.

Thesis x – IE8 – Remove IE7 Emulation

Note, depending on your theme, there may be some additional adjustments needed. Select the one labeled Page Template page. Made this in my woodworking class. The problem is, if you get a lot of comments per article, it may be tough to keep up with all of the discussions…mostly because of how cramped text can look.

In design option, go to Teaser option.

Whether you delete the line or comment out the line, be sure and SAVE your changes. WordPress Admin This Mama Makes Stuff living a creative life, raising compassionate children, mountain biking and running in between. Comments on this entry are closed.

The comments to this entry are closed. Highlight Author Comments The best way to encourage discussion in your comments section is reply to your readers.

3 Simple and Effective Comment Styling Tips for Thesis

Article is closed for comments. Scroll down a few lines until you see: First Name Email Address We use this field to detect spam bots. Posted Tutt Library News: With this trick, each conversation will be contained in their own little silo in the comments section.

Look for the Display Options section and click on Comments. Also, I recommend you keep the margin and padding values the same. Luckily, Thesis makes styling your own comments simple because it automatically detects comments left by the author and assigns a special CSS class that you can edit yourself.

Check your themes options to see if it does this as easily for you. Check a page or two… no more "comments are closed" messages!

Haiku Winners Thesis Almighty. If you want to be paranoid, comment out the line, rather than delete it. There was an error submitting your subscription. Also the disable comments on all pages does not remove the quot;Comments are closed on this entry quot; text in Thesis 1. To facilitate this conversation, you want your comments section to be easy-to-follow because it will encourage interaction and loyalty.

However, what if you want to further customize how your comments are displayed? Two ways that I know of. This means ADDING a few characters to the line to render it useless, but you still have it in there in case you change your mind later. Learn from the Masters! To comment out the line, insert 2 forward slashes: Then, the other two pieces of code will make the box rounded for anyone using Mozilla-based or Webkit-based browsers Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Killer optimization tips delivered straight to your inbox: On the right-hand side of your dashboard, a list of Templates will appear. Giving and Receiving Comments — Strava Support Comments are a great way to engage with other athletes on Strava to provide some positive Can I delete a comment?

You can easily switch between having your shoes untied or walking around like a pro by disabling comments on all pages and not showing a message: This counts as one entry.May 25,  · How to remove "Comments are closed" text and the box and border in your WordPress Post.

Hide "no comments" very simple. Add Related Posts Before Comments Link in Thesis. Posted February 25, 6 Comments. So what we need to do is remove the comments link, write a new function that contains Add This, Related Posts, and the Comments link function, and stick that at the end of the post. Comments are closed.

Recent Blog Posts. Posted July 24, In a previous post, I told you how to remove the comment box from a specific wordpress page or mi-centre.commes that’s not enough because you still get the “Comments on this entry are closed” message, which is kind of like walking around with your shoes untied, amiright?

> How to Remove Comments from Pages in Thesis How to Remove Comments from Pages in Thesis. Difficulty We demonstrate how to remove the “Leave a Comment” block from pages in Thesis.

comments and we select disable comments on all pages. And then if comments are closed, display a message.

We don’t want that either, so we’ll just. Sep 02,  · Home › Forums › GastOuder Talk › Thesis Comments On This Entry Are Closed Remove – This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 v.

In Thesis you have the option (in the same location) to uncheck the box for If comments are closed dispaly a message. This allows you to still use comments on selected pages but gets rid of the extra junk on pages with commenting disabled.

Remove comments are closed thesis
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