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This amount of water is deemed sufficient to combat a brush fire; a fire involving several dwellings; or even a localized group fire. Ground crews performed supplemental fire-fighting tasks during the course of the fires.

Others wish to retain the natural vegetation for esthetic reasons. Fifteen two-piece companies operate with two pumpers. Only firing-out operations of a very limited nature were used in small delineated areas.

From here, the flames began a descent into Mandeville Canyon. Thus, the number of new fires was kept to a minimum by reducing the total fire volume resulting from the deadly barrage of flying brands. Thermal Report on bel currents, created by the intense heat, coupled with the high velocity winds swirled countless thousands of burning brands aloft to deposit them far in advance of the main fire front.

That engineering studies be made and that there be provided Report on bel least two streets or roads, running parallel to Mulholland and Sunset Boulevards, between Laurel Canyon and Topanga Canyon Boulevards. The extreme western flank of the fire was roughly along Kenter Avenue, stretching to the northwest, before 5: This paucity of precipitation joined with the deleterious effects of the Santana winds to create a hazard of tremendous proportions.

These units, in conjunction with very effectual support from air tankers, succeeded in stopping this eastward movement of the fire on the west side of Beverly Glen Blvd.

Mountain Patrol has constructed and maintains over one hundred miles of fire roads. Obstacles to control during the course of the Bel Air-Brentwood Fire were --the adverse weather conditions, especially the high winds; --the prevalence of hazardous structural features; --insufficient brush clearance around buildings; --a shortage of water supplies at some of the higher elevations; --and the congestion of the radio communications net.

Water for the entire city is impounded in a vast complex of great reservoirs and holding basins which are necessary to sustain an urban population in excess of two-and-a-half million inhabitants. The county fire department sent sixteen engines, six patrol pumpers, and six camp crews to aid in the battle against the conflagration.

Whereas the surface winds were being bent to the south and east as they passed over the summit ridge to carry the fire toward Bel Air and Beverly Glen Canyon, the winds aloft maintained the prevailing southwesterly course.

No homes were lost. This division is responsible for fire laws throughout the mountainous watershed areas. Apparatus types included pumpers, tank wagons, ladder trucks, bulldozers, air tankers, helicopters, and patrol trucks.

Cold-trailing and patrolling the burned areas of both of these fires continued on a constantly reducing scale until November eighteenth.

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Any hope of containing the fire at this stage with the limited forces responding on the initial alarm was beyond the bounds of reason. A We are not an official source of traffic or real-time data. The largest buildings to be damaged by fire were those on campus at Mt. It was finally and effectively under control at 4: Tactical operations of units of the Los Angeles city and county fire departments, U.

This is approximately seven miles to the west of the Stone Canyon area.

Approximately two hundred men were given medical attention at the scene. The denser brands rose into this upper wind strata and were carried to the southwest in great profusion. In this fire,there were dwellings and 21 other buildings totally destroyed.

The germination of the rye grass seed has begun and green shoots are showing throughout the burned areas. Though many units were never committed to actual operations because of the lack of accessibility, it was imperative that they be held in immediate readiness in the event that the fire should proceed from the primitive areas into the populated districts.

It is impossible to determine the exact amounts of water that were diverted in these misguided efforts. At noon, the entire "A" Platoon was placed on duty.Project Report of BEL - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.


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Research Report for BEL. Snapshot.

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