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After Riley and Lucas shared their first kiss, Farkle tried to kiss Maya - who blocked him with her hand. Riley quickly develops a crush on him, which lasts for at least the next few episodes. Squirrels Riley and Maya had an epic fight that very nearly ended their friendship.

Girl Meets World

She is deeply loyal to Riley, as Riley is to her. Josh told Maya that he was still too old for her. However, at the end of the episode, Riley told him to hold on to Mr.

After Josh hit on a college recruiter, who thought she was too old for him, Josh felt the disappointment from the other side. Appearance Riley is extremely cute with long brown hair.

Riley has had a crush on Lucas from when she saw him on the subway. Maya was resigned to the fact Katy forgot her birthday, which seemed to anger Riley and the Matthews more than it did Maya. She is also very idealistic, and expects everyone around her to live up to her own expectations, lofty as they may seem at times.

Maya was instantly smitten with Josh, despite him being three years older than her. They make up, and Farkle gives Riley her first kiss according to her it was on her chinwhich she is humiliated about.

In an effort to help Riley and Lucas finally ask each other out, Maya asked Lucas out on a date. Katy explained she only disappoints her daughter.

She is only 2 years younger than her uncle Joshua. Maya helped Riley confront Shawn about him ignoring her when he visited town. In Girl Meets Home for the Holidays Maya starts looking up to Shawn Hunter as a mentor and father figure, because, she found out that not only were they both slackers in school, he also had an absent parent.

Maya is her best friend and she tries to be like her although she is rather shy, but also very outgoing. Riley is closer to her mother than her father.

Like Cory, Riley also prefers to maintain her own belief in things despite disagreement from others; this trait mainly applies to Maya, upon whom Riley never gives up hope as shown in Girl Meets Pluto.Riley Matthews is the main protagonist in Girl Meets World.

Riley is twelve years old and is the daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews. She is the central character in the Matthews name: Riley Matthews. Riley's red ringer tee on Girl Meets World. Riley's crochet ruffle trim top and denim culottes on Girl Meets World. Riley's striped tee and denim overalls with leather straps on Girl Meets World.

Jul 27,  · Edit Article How to Act Like Riley Mattews from Girl Meets World. Riley Matthews is a kind, quirky, and happy year-old.

Rowan Blanchard

She is trying to survive her teenage years by finding out where she belongs in the world, 86%(). Rowan Blanchard (born October 14, ) is an American actress. She is known for her role as Riley Matthews on the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World that aired from until She also makes appearances on The Goldbergs as Jackie Geary.

Riley Janelle Matthews is the protagonist in Girl Meets is quirky, bubbly and outgoing person. Riley tends to act neurotic and freaks out easily. In Girl Meets Failure it was revealed Riley is a Straight "A" Student with a perfect attendance record.

She is the oldest child of Cory and Topanga, she is the older sister of Auggie Matthews. Nickname(s): Riles (Maya).

Riley Matthews

Jun 27,  · Watch video · More than a decade after Boy Meets World (), Cory and Topanga Matthews are married and have two children. Their daughter, Riley, faces life lessons through her family, friends, and school--where her father is her history teacher--as her parents did when they were younger/10(K).

Riley matthews girl meets world
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