The family relations in a family affair by guy de maupassant and in a humble drama

It was not long before Marie—Louise had arranged a group for a first visit, consisting of five girls and two boys — the biggest and the most courageous. It was a kind of continual rumbling, which was at times answered by the whistle of a train in the distance, travelling at full speed to the ocean, through the provinces.

Caravan recognized them, she made despairing signs to them, then, speaking aloud, she said: Go to the undertaker. When Caravan got in, his wife, who suffered from a chronic passion for cleaning, was polishing up the mahogany chairs that were scattered about the room, with a piece of flannel.

She also asked him whether there was anything fresh at the office, and he replied merrily: Caravan grew quite tender-hearted when he mentioned her great age, and more than once asked Doctor Chenet, emphasizing the word doctor--although he was not fully qualified, being only an Offcier de Sante--whether he had often met anyone as old as that.

In short, she was a mother, a stout, commonplace mother, a human breeding machine which procreates without any other preoccupation but her children and her cook-book.

She emptied the plateful of water, replaced the sprig of box behind the looking-glass, and arranged the chairs in their places, and was ready to go downstairs when there appeared before her her son and daughter-in-law.

But Madame Caravan grew thoughtful, as if she were preoccupied by something, which she did not care to mention, but at last she said: All the former days were over and done with, all the recollections of his youth had been swept away; for the future, there would be nobody to talk to him of what had happened in days gone by, of the people he had known of old, of his own part of the country, and of his past life; that was a part of his existence which existed no longer, and the rest might as well end now.

She threw open the door and in a choking voice murmured: In a corner, Madame Caravan was talking with the doctor, and asking what the necessary formalities were, as she wanted to obtain practical information.

His brother-inlaw even asked him whether it was not one of his days to hold a reception, to which he stammered out, in answer: The children had fallen asleep, and Rosalie carried them off to bed. Remember you have got to pass the night watching by her!

Telegraph the news to all the family. His life seemed cut in half, his youth disappeared, swallowed up by that death. Philippe-Auguste was an ugly, ill-kempt little brat, dirty from head to foot, with the face of an idiot, and Marie-Louise was already like her mother--spoke like her, repeated her words, and even imitated her movements.

The clock was placed on the chimney-piece in the dining-room, and they looked to see what the effect was, and were both delighted with it and agreed that nothing could be better.

A Family Affair

She always wore cotton gloves, and adorned her head with a cap ornamented with many colored ribbons, which was always tilted over one ear; and whenever anyone caught her polishing, sweeping, or washing, she used to say: Braux, followed by her husband.

I went in, and in the depths of an easy-chair, I saw something trembling, a man, an old, paralyzed man. Add A Family to your own personal library. How in the world could that little thin, insipidly fair girl, with her weak hands, her light, vacant eyes, and her clear, silly voice, who was exactly like a hundred thousand marriageable dolls, have picked up that intelligent, clever young fellow?

Marie-Louise and Philippe-Auguste, who had just come in from the gutter, were slapping each other all the way upstairs. Their uneasy and melancholy faces also spoke of domestic troubles, of constant want of money, of former hopes, that had been finally disappointed; for they all belonged to that army of poor, threadbare devils who vegetate economically in mean, plastered houses, with a tiny piece of neglected garden in the midst of those fields where night soil is deposited, which are on the outskirts of Paris.

I heard you all the while.

A Family Affair Analysis

So they deprived him of his only remaining pleasure out of regard for his health! As soon as she saw her husband she got up and said, as she kissed his whiskers: He had counted on creating an effect, and had hoped that everybody would get up and come to him with outstretched hands, and say: Good living, a good table and good nights!

He put on a woeful face, pushed open the door, and went up to the counter, where the landlord still was. And what is the name of the new commissioner? Then, as invariably happens in the company of medical man Caravan began to enlarge on the chapter of illness, as in that manner, he hoped to obtain a little gratuitous advice, if he was careful not to show his hand.

But the door bell kept ringing every second, and Rosalie, distracted, came to call Caravan, who rushed out, throwing down his napkin.

And the whole family was highly amused at this horrible and grotesque scene. The absence of her chest of drawers had at first given her some trouble, but, after a little, she had succeeded in finding her things at the bottom of the wooden trunk, and was now quietly dressing.Learn about Guy De Maupassant: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more.

Fun facts: before fame, family life, popularity rankings, and Aug 05, Literature Network» Guy de Maupassant» A Family Affair A Family Affair The small engine attached to the Neuilly steam-tram whistled as it passed the Porte Maillot to warn all obstacles to get out of its way and puffed like a person out of breath as it sent out its steam, its pistons moving rapidly with a noise as of iron legs running.

"a family" by Guy de Maupassant character Mathilde Loisel-Beautiful Mathilde Loisel was born into a family of clerks, and her utter conviction that her station in life is a mistake of destiny leads her to live her life in a constant rebellion against her circumstances.

by Guy de Maupassant () And the whole family was highly amused at this horrible and grotesque scene. Then they put a tiny morsel on his plate, and he ate with feverish gluttony, in order to get something more as soon as possible, and when the sweetened rice was brought in, he nearly had a fit, and groaned with greediness, and.

A Family. I was to see my old friend, Simon Radevin, of whom I had lost sight for fifteen years. At one time he was my most intimate friend, the friend who knows one's thoughts, with whom one passes long, quiet, happy evenings, to whom one tells one's secret love affairs, and who seems to draw out those rare, ingenious, delicate thoughts born of.

AN AFFAIR OF STATE BY GUY DE MAUPASSANT Paris had just heard of the disaster of Sedan. The Republic was proclaimed. All France was panting from a madness that lasted until the time of the commonwealth.

The family relations in a family affair by guy de maupassant and in a humble drama
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