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Final Clearance Package which includes: It should be Thesis guidelines as follows: Keep in mind that the responsibility for meeting deadlines falls to the student.

The Degree Completion staff members within the Graduate College are available to assist students with formatting questions and University regulations pertaining to a thesis or dissertation. The dot leader will go to the 6.

In consultation with the thesis director and committee members, the student will schedule a thesis defense including date, time, and location. Upon a successful defense, students should obtain signatures from their committee Thesis guidelines s for their Transmittal Memo.

See the Thesis Guidelines for detailed instructions. Use them only as appropriate to indicate major sections of the thesis e. Candidates will be notified via EKU email for formatting changes required before final publication.

Mathematical formulas, diagrams, and other illustrative materials should be avoided. Under Tab stop position, type 6. The need for such revisions is not grounds for a deadline extension. Do not place headers on each page.

The dissertation proper including introduction, main body of the text, illustrations, appendices, and bibliography is numbered using arabic numerals. The abstract should be presented in two unnumbered loose copies. You will not be cleared to graduate until your thesis has been approved by the Graduate School and the final submission to ProQuest has been made.

Consultants can provide feedback on global issues in your thesis or dissertation, such as consistency, organization, and coherence.

However, they do not provide editing services. The Final Manuscript Package should not be completed until you have received final approval of your manuscript by the Graduate College Dean.

Anything higher than 6. The process for submission and acceptance of electronic theses and dissertations is as follows: These forms and the completed Prospectus are submitted to the Graduate Office in Patterson The first draft of the thesis should be in the hands of the thesis director at the end of the semester before the student is graduating.

For more information, visit www. The title page; this may be sent by email. Thesis Guidelines Thesis Guidelines The guidelines below are presented for both faculty and students as a suggested set of procedures to help clarify how a student can begin and then complete a thesis.

Two weeks before the defense, the student will submit a "perfect draft" of the thesis to two readers who will read carefully to catch any remaining errors in content, logic, organization, or mechanics.

The abstract should, in a concise manner, present the problem of the dissertation, discuss the materials and procedure or methods used, and state the results or conclusions. The Noel Studio for Academic Creativity, located in the heart of the Crabbe Library, provides graduate consultations for all types of communication projects.

The online submission system will send notifications when each document has been received and approved by the Graduate School. Please note that, in general, the responsibility for contacting faculty, completing forms, preparing the manuscript to specifications, and meeting published deadlines established by the Department of English and the Graduate School falls on the shoulders of the student.

Supervisory Committee Chairs also have the option to run manuscripts through plagiarism detection software. Students should submit their signature page draft for formatting review two weeks prior to their defense date.

The clearance letter, title page and abstract can be sent electronically to Barbara Bennettthe Academic Affairs Manager.

Thesis & Dissertation Guidelines

Candidates who have successfully completed their defense should complete the ETD Submission form. Click on "Tabs" button which is located in the lower Thesis guidelines corner of the popup menu. When the defense has been concluded, the committee will sign the form indicating pass or fail.

If you have already typed your Table of Contents and you want to get it looking a bit Thesis guidelines then take the following steps: The Graduate College provides notification of approval by emailing students a scanned copy of their signature page once it has been signed by the Graduate College Dean.

Students may bring sections of their thesis or dissertation in for a consultation at any stage of the process. Students then must write a Thesis Prospectus outlining the project and fill out the Thesis Hour Registration Form for consideration.

Once the thesis director and committee approve the final version of the thesis with all requested revisions, the student must submit an electronic copy to the Graduate School before the deadline.

This will provide you will a detailed background of Copyright details.before deposit. Individuals depositing electronically may submit the thesis for review electronically (Word or PDF format). The department head will review the thesis and inform the student of any corrections s/he feels need made before the student deposits the thesis at the Thesis Format Office.

Jul 27,  · Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines. Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines are established and approved by the Graduate College in conjunction with the University Graduate Council (UGC).

The pages in this section provide a comprehensive overview of the guidelines for every step of the thesis process from thesis requirements to thesis evaluation to final e-thesis submission. Please also refer to the Regulations Concerning Theses in McGill's e.

This section includes guidelines, tips and examples for each section of the thesis or dissertation. Simply click on the hyperlink and it will lead to a pdf. The sections are presented in the order of how the material must be presented in your document.

Checklist - Thesis Guidelines Summary To help you with the formatting of your thesis, students are strongly encouraged to use the formatting specifications provided on the EKU Thesis Template Example.

GUIDELINES. FOR WRITING A THESIS OR DISSERTATION. CONTENTS: Guidelines for Writing a Thesis or Dissertation, Linda Childers Hon, Ph.D. Outline for Empirical Master’s Theses, Kurt Kent, Ph.D. How to Actually Complete A Thesis.

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Thesis guidelines
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