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According customers reviews, for instance at Tripadvisor. The use of references throughout the assignment is highly recommended. Travelodge has said to be the highest with over 6, bedrooms a 5. This will encourage more footfall in your lodge.

Social - In this factor, the social requirements of the travellers are analysed.

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They must have the patience to deal with all kinds of guests and attend to every trivial concern that the guests might have. In order to raise flexibility of their services among customers, there is the possibility to book flexible rooms that may be cancelled or amended until the date of arrival with not additional charges.

Technology — the online marketing process has been adopted by the management to market and sell the products to the clients. This year Travelodge will offer rooms for as cheap as i??

Services have been exclusively categorized as per the business class and leisure travellers. The company through digital marketing process plans to increase the brand awareness, for customers with different requirements. Those organizations without strategic plan are in risk to be taken by those companies that do have one in place.

The strategies include introducing new systems through which the promotional activities can be carried out by the management Bucy, Promotional activities — Travelodge has chosen online marketing process through which the marketing strategies are developed and implemented by the company.

They will help you to assess your financial situation in order to present a financial plan that includes both short- and long-term financial goals. The process includes introducing strategies through which the changes be introduced by the management for attracting clients from different markets.

Travelodge ensure to provide the best deal that would serve the purpose of the business class and leisure travellers.

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The room suite has updated its facilities to reflect the style this design was the first to be introduced since its inception in Travelodge also offers a dependable website for the booking of its rooms and mobile booking services. The process includes drafting and following trade practise and other factors that can affect the business performance directly Gurau, Economic — Due to economic recession the clients look forth for the purchase of cheaper and reasonable products.

Location and infrastructure Once the financial constraints are dealt with and capital available with the help of a good business plan, choosing a convenient location becomes the next arduous task. This will help in increasing the sales and promotional strategies.

The online method would provide the required services to the clients, as tis will make booking and sales process simple and fast Barefoot and Szabo, Demographic - The variables like the age of the customers, gender, and occupation is considered in this process.

Travelodge strikes rescue deal with landlords and sheds 49 hotels

We will fully explain their strategic approach and services analysis. Strong Finances — key to a good start up Before starting a business of this kind, it must be ensured that sufficient capital is available, as setting up a travel lodge requires a tremendous amount of space.

You can hire a financial consultant to guide you through this. In addition seven more hotels are under construction.

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Media - Promotional activities has been improved as this will help in increasing the sales for the company. The strategies for marketing have been decided as per the expectations and preferences of the clients.The rates at Travelodge depend on the demand for rooms and Travelodge recommends that you book well in advance to get the cheapest deal.

While there may not be specific sales, as well as the vouchercloud deals you can take a look at super Saver rooms online to bag yourself a bargain stay. How To Start a Travelodge Business – online business ideas The hospitality industry is a booming business proposition in India, and opening a travel lodge can actually create a tremendous opportunity for the owners to rake in huge profits and revenue every year.

Strategic Analysis of Travelodge Essay Strategy plays a very important place in today business environment.

Why put us on the business floor!!! - Review of Travelodge Leicester Central Hotel

Those organizations without strategic plan are in risk to be taken by those companies that do have one in place. Travelodge, the low cost hotel company, has unveiled a £10m marketing strategy designed to bring “warmth” to its brand and is returning to television advertising after 20 years.

Travelodge launches “Super room” category

Our website uses cookies to improve your user experience. Travelodge chief executive Grant Hearn said the company was already looking for new operators for the 49 hotels it does not want and "currently envisages no hotel closures or job losses".

"The financial restructuring, including the CVA, will leave Travelodge in a much stronger position going forward and will ensure a long-term, sustainable future for the business," said Hearn. Travelodge intends to target 70% of the market and for this different types of travellers have been targeted.

Through target market, the company draft plan for customers categorized in different groups like business, holiday travellers, and on the way stops travellers/5(14K).

Travelodge business plan
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