Writing a grant proposal ppt

It should also be presented in summary form or in a log frame. The technology will be offered to interested entrepreneur for adoption through awareness creation.

Writing a Project Proposal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

This research seeks to - Leverage on existing knowledge of waste from African mud catfish and turn the waste to valuable body cream and soap. Analyzed the oil to determine it suitability for use in the production of body cream.

Fish oil for cooking, Catfish oil for food processing plants, catfish oil for pharmaceutical industry, catfish oil for cosmetics industry soap and body creamcatfish Steaks, minced catfish, and breaded catfish flesh for fast food and Supermarket. Answer the following questions: If you have a laptop, feel free to research the organization.

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Development of SME for the production of specialized body cream and soap. The established pilot centre will be promoted for adoption by other research institutes and institutions as training centres for students, entrepreneurs and employees.

How does this information help you write your response to the proposal? Establish a pilot commercial industry based on catfish oil within Lagos State University. Assume the role of your reviewerAddress the problem Issue-oriented Idea Development Slide26 Fellowship applicationAgency is concerned with conservation of critical habitatAsks about future career goalsSelf: Demonstrate that the quality and quantities of catfish oil extract can serve as important raw material to existing and potential cottage industries.

What types of questions would you ask when researching the organization? Provide profile of the nutrients composition from different carcass of the fish.

Quantify the job creation potentials from the catfish oil. I would like to conduct field work with an environmental NGO, because I have always had a passion for the outdoors. Establish a pilot small scale body cream industry that is self sustaining. This project sets out to: Unleash growth and development of the catfish industry by broadening the down-stream market such as: Long term objectives of research: The oil if suitable will be used as raw materials to produce body cream.

I envision myself pursuing a position with an NGO similar to the Sierra Club, enacting change via local participation in habitat restoration projects like those undertaken in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Extract oil from Catfish for small scale industrial development in Nigeria. Who is your audience? Short term objectives of research: A summary of any significant work already carried out in this area will be added advantage.

This is the reason for the project and should address an identified constraint and be demand-driven.

GRANT PROPOSAL WRITING PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides

Group Exercise Slide24 Do a quick internet searchCall the organization and talk to someoneLook at recent projects or programs the organization has initiatedLook at examples of projects that have recently been fundedRead its mission or vision statementRead press materials Discussion Slide25 Big picture — selling an idea or product Evidence is key!Grant Writing 1.

How to Write a Winning Grant Proposal Grant Writing Jackie Rouse, MHA Principal, GFG Consulting 2. The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Grant Proposal Writing" is the property of its rightful owner. Grant Proposal and Oral Presentation Guide for Science of Living Systems Nutrition and Global Health | page 5 6) Organization Information - history and governing structure of the nonprofit or implementing institution.

Grant proposals are made to address to the corporation for broadcasting publicly, to send it to the fund raisers and also for school program and college grants. There is no need to send an application for funding proposal templates.

Grant Proposal Writing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

How to Develop and Write a Grant Proposal Congressional Research Service 2 • Staffing needs, including use of existing staff and new hires or volunteers; and • Preliminary budget, covering expenses and financial requirements, to determine what funding levels to seek. PowerPoint Slideshow about 'WRITING SUCCESSFUL GRANT PROPOSALS' - JasminFlorian An Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation Download Policy: Content on the Website is provided to you AS IS for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author.

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Writing a grant proposal ppt
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